Leak Detection

Pool owners have no cause to worry anymore because there are now niche businesses that specialize in pool leak detection. Because of their knowledge and experience in their specialized field, they are more than competent to identify pool leak problems, both above or in ground. But notwithstanding the availability of professionals, there are some simple pool leak detection techniques that a pool owner could do by himself or he could have done on his behalf by any member of the household.

One such pool leak detection method is the Bucket or Evaporation Test.

Bucket Test
1. Fill a 5 gallon bucket of water to 1 inch from the top
2. Place bucket on the first or second step of the pool.
3. Mark the current water level of the pool on the outside of the bucket. Mark the bucket’s water level on the inside.
4. Wait 24 hours and check the two marked levels. If the pool level went down more than the bucket level then you may have a leak.

Another test is the Pump On-Pump Off Test. For pool leak detection, the pool owner must conduct a bucket test when the pool pump is on; and another one when it is off. This will help identify where the suspect leak could be found. For example: If water loss (pump on) > water loss (pump off) = Pressure side plumbing leak; If water loss (pump on) < water loss (pump off) = Suction side or drain plumbing leaks; If water loss (pump on) = water loss (pump off) = non-plumbing.

Others like the Dye Test and the Pressure Test are best left to the experts who are properly manned and equipped. But before anything else, the owner has to be observant of some overt signs and symptoms of a pool liner leak.